About us

ASEAN Supporting Industry Database

ASEAN Supporting Industry Database is one of ASEAN’s attempts to increase the awareness supporting industries in ASEAN member countries. Investment promotion organizations in ASEAN member countries are responsible for developing this database, consolidating and updating the data and activating the service on the Internet to permit global access to the ASEAN industry information.

The purposes of ASID

To be a business information center to facilitate business translations.
To do an information public relations for the ASEAN manufacturers.
To link buyers and sellers by being an information source to both parties.
To be one of the new media for effective communication.
To minimize costs of buyer and seller souring.


Free of charge.


Home page with link to company’s existing web site.

On-line Catalogue: Enables a company to provide any information to the public as much as needed on the internet(on-line based).

Document : Provides information (e.g. studies, roles and regulations ASEAN agreement etc) for downloading